Gregg and Mike Buchbinder

Gregg and Mike Buchbinder

Journey with us.

In 1969, Jay Buchbinder created our first restaurant interior. He believed that collaboration between JBI and clients was the key ingredient to creating amazing interiors. His legacy lives on through the JBI family of designers, engineers and craftsman. Modern JBI is enriched by Gregg and Mike Buchbinder, still living by Jay’s philosophy to focus on creating exceptional interiors for various establishments. This continues to beat at the core of our work to this day.

Connect with your identity.

JBI’s experts will navigate you through your project to make informed and impacting decisions that enrich your interior. We position your brand’s image to best fit and highlight the uniqueness your community offers.

Communicate through your space.

Every element in your interior is strategically designed to work in concert; creating an experience that leaves impression on your clients. Explore and discover new ways to make your clients connect to your brand.